Monday, September 28, 2015

A rootin' tootin' shootin' candidate!

I'm sure she only looks constipated
Do you hate women? Are you tired of veteran benefits being taxed to fund military abortions performed by alien child molesters on imaginary homosexuals, or something? Don't like those slick members of congress with non-husky voices who don't wear blue jeans and cowboy boots, and don't consider The Rush Limbaugh Show to be "enormously influential"?? Of course you do, are and don't! Who doesn't, isn't and does?

Kay Daly is not the answer to all those rhetorical questions but she is the answer to all those problems!

Kay Daly has a plan to solve all the problems, you guys! And a giant-ass gun!
(After watching the video, I'm guessing the plan is to shoot all the problems with a giant-ass gun)
Why not?
She's perfect!

Too bad she's completely unsuitable to actually occupy a position of leadership, though. You know, on account of her being fundamentally flawed by virtue of having a vagina (presumably).

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