Monday, September 14, 2015

That is not how it's done

I am neither a theological scholar nor a financial genius, but I'm almost positive that this is not how Jesus or money works. I yelled at a dollar bill for fifteen minutes yesterday, telling it to go find someone who could really use it right now, thinking that between Prophet Olaye George's command over money as some kind of ethereal concept and me yelling at this one particular dollar, that something might happen. It didn't budge. I didn't yell any commands at Jesus but I'm guessing I'd get the same result. Prophet Olaye George is full of shit.

You know, I used to say that people who fell for nonsensical scams perpetrated by thieves and charlatans are so stupid that they deserve whatever bad thing that inevitably happens as a result of their misguided "belief" (almost always being relieved of their money instead of acquiring more). But I realize that isn't really fair. I don't believe that anybody who is so overcome by some kind of difficulty that their desperate search for help anywhere they can find it results in completely unreasonable thinking and behavior deserves further punishment. I've never been that down and out but it's got to truly be a kind of hell on earth. Even if you feel those people have it coming, surely you can't support the concept of the scumbags who rip them off deserving to be rewarded.

No, those who prey on people's faith have had it too good for too long and the fact that we allow them to not only exist but to thrive (criminal activity and tax breaks??) speaks volumes about those of us who pride ourselves on being too smart to fall for crap like this. I'm not talking about the majority of churches, where people go to seek spiritual comfort and who will help you if your house burns down. Those people are fine and their institutions do good work that helps people.

These other fuckers, who would have the poor people who follow them buy them a Goddamned jet plane, need to be taken down. sooner than later.

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