Thursday, September 24, 2015

Something has happened... (conclusion)

In case you weren't able to surmise from the fiendishly subtle clues I left here Monday and Wednesday...
I won an award! 
Actually I won two awards. Specifically, 2015 Creative Loafing's "Best of the Bay" awards for "BEST BOOK BY A LOCAL AUTHOR" and "BEST LOCAL STAND-UP COMIC". In addition, I was a finalist for "BEST LOCAL BLOGGER" and "BEST LOCAL SPORTSWRITER". Not too bad! It's a little mystifying that I won for Best Comic, something I've been doing for nine months and not Best Blogger, which I've been working at for nine years. That's not sour grapes, just an observation. And it's not false modesty either; it's simply a fact that there are soooo many other comedians working in the area that deserve the recognition more than I do.

On the other hand, winning for best Book feels really, really nice, in light of some of the history behind it.

I'm fighting the urge to attend an Arts Council meeting.

I've been plugging for one of these things, with varying levels of enthusiasm, since 2009 and have never even come really close. I honestly never expected to actually win anything, believing there are people who win awards and there's the rest of us. And that's fine. Really, it is.

Although, I have to admit that recent events made me think there might be a chance that tides had turned... 
What happened this year? I have no idea. I made a couple of appeals for people to vote but I do that all the time. I voted for myself in each category exactly once. Not exactly a concentrated campaign strategy. But obviously somebody voted, either lots of somebodies or one somebody voting lots of times or both. Who knew it was even possible?? Doesn't matter to me, I'll take it!

WARNING! What follows is one brief paragraph of sourness that I just want to get off my chest regarding those who would suggest that I don't work hard enough to "deserve" recognition or are otherwise less than supportive:
You know what? Never mind. Not important, not productive, inappropriate and nobody cares. Nobody really "deserves" awards anyway. I honestly believe that if you're doing things right, and for the right reasons, the work itself really is a sufficient reward for doing it. Plus, I love everybody and we're all on journeys of our own and all that. Honestly. Best of luck with your line of moody-broody vampire romance novels or whatever it is you say you're working on. Regardless of what you think of me and mine, I sincerely hope you sell a ton of them shits. Seriously.
But enough already at some point, please? For the love of God? Because: Ugh.

Far more important and appropriate than all of that is my need to express thanks in immeasurable quantities to everybody who thought enough of what I present here to actually sit down and cast votes. Also, a special category of thanks to the team that helped me put the book together: Keri Ramos, Jessie Stehlik, Pavel Stehlik and Amy DeMilo.
I am deeply humbled, sincerely grateful and highly motivated to go out and work really hard in an effort to actually justify your support. While it's absolutely true and not some smarmy showbiz platitude to say that it's an honor just to be nominated, actually winning something is so much better than that. So THANK YOU! I love that we're all in love with each other and I can't wait for you to get me pregnant.

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