Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Generation BS

Here's a video that pops up on Facebook fairly often...

What a total load of bullshit.

This and all the related memes where we kiss our own asses and celebrate how kids today are worthless, coddled pussies that aren't even close to being as awesome as those of us who grew up during these super wonderful times in the past are all complete and utter bullshit.

Ask yourself this: If everything was so great then and we all turned out so awesome, then why isn't life like that at all anymore? Why has it changed so drastically? The narrator refers derisively to "today's regulators and bureaucrats". Who the hell does he think those regulators and bureaucrats are? They're us! Or at least the kids we grew up with. We're the adults now. We're supposed to be the ones in charge!

Yeah, sure, it's true we used to play football with our friends, outside in vacant lots and build treehouses and routinely skin our knees and elbows and mostly didn't complain about it. So what happened to us as a result of all this great character building we put ourselves through?
Well, we grew up and now we play fantasy football with strangers online and live in gated, deed-restricted communities where we pay an association to fine the shit out of us if our kids even try to build a treehouse.

We took a foundation forged from people like Teddy Roosevelt, Jackie Robinson and Amelia Earhart and used it to give the world Donald Trump, Alex Rodriguez and Sarah Palin.

I'm not saying kids today aren't worthless, coddled pussies; they are. I'm saying it's probably not their fault. I'm saying it's our fault, those of us who represent Generation Bullshit.

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