Monday, January 18, 2016

Grateful (to be among the) Eight

Photo courtesy of PW Fenton

Hey, looks like I won last night and am advancing to the next round of Side Splitters stand-up comedy tournament. There were 64 of us to start and now we're down to just eight. That's kind of mind boggling, isn't it? 
I don't know when the next round will take place,  but I'm pretty sure you know I'll let you know, right? Right.

Shout outs to last night's performers/contestants, Kyle Ruse, Tom Wise, Bryan  Harris, Mona Chiarizio, Billy Blair, Cam Bertrand and David Weingarten who were all very funny and did a great job. Kyle, Mona and Cam are advancing as well. 

Huge thanks to Jared Waters who hosted and JB Ball who had the unenviable job of closing out the show while people were distracted with futzing over their ballots. Both of these guys are well-established professional comics who have been nothing but supportive of me since I started doing this just over a year ago. Just the fact that they were both there was a source of comfort.

Last but most important, thank you to everyone who came out (especially my "coach"). I love all of you, even those I don't know.

And to those who didn't come out, well, I love you too.

We'll do it again real soon!

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