Friday, January 08, 2016

Let's have F.U.N. next week!

I'll be your host for FuckUp Night (or F.U.N. for those with delicate sensibilities) in Ybor next week.
What is it? Well, here's the description from the Facebook event page:
FuckUp Nights is a global movement where stories of failed projects are told, questioned and celebrated.
Heard enough success stories? FuckUp Nights are raw, authentic and liberating stories told by stellar people who fucked up royally in business at some point in their career. Three or four speakers will share their story, including what the project was, what they did wrong, what they learned from it, and what they'd do differently.
Candid stories
Expressive questions
Learning from failure
Oh yeah, and drinking some beer
What’s your story, Tampa Bay? 
The speakers for this edition are...

  • Joy Randels - Founder and CEO of NewMarket Partners
  • Joey Redner - Founder, Owner and CEO of Cigar City Brewing
  • Ian Beckles - Former NFL player, Founder of the Ian Beckles Foundation, Flavor of Tampa Bay, and Orange 62 Training. 
  • Michelle Royal - CEO and Founder of RIDG (Royal Innovation Design Group), a visual facilitation and graphic recording company
  • There will also be an "open mic" that will allow you to share your own personal fuckups with the crowd!
And as I mentioned in the very first line (because, of course that's how I mentioned it), I will be your host for the evening, on behalf of Side Splitters comedy club.

This should be a great event for networking, inspiration and motivation, because honestly, who learns anything from people who do things the right way the first time and every time? Screw those jerks! Come and learn from the experiences of your true peers, real people, not sainted unicorns, who have made mistakes, learned from them and have come back better and stronger as a result!
Plus, it's free!

Thursday, January 14 - 6 PM
Cigar City Cider and Mead
1812 N. 15th Street (Ybor City)

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