Friday, January 22, 2016

Impending doom!

"The last Piccadilly Cafeteria restaurant in the Tampa Bay area closed its doors permanently after dinner on Sunday, management confirmed today." -, Wednesday, January 20

This is terrible news. Where am I supposed to find food like Jello with carrot shavings in it or baked fish with almonds on top? I mean, I don't eat that shit because I'm not 87, but I'd kinda like to be at some point. And when that happens and that's the kind of stuff I suddenly crave, where am I gonna find it? Also, creamed corn, those dyed green or red apple rings, cottage cheese with pears and cake with powdered sugar instead of frosting? How am I supposed to survive my Golden Years shuffling around the mall without subsisting on food that makes me wish I'd killed myself several years ago?

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