Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I'm going home

I've been invited by my high school in Benton Harbor, Michigan (that would be Benton Harbor High School) to come back and attend AND PERFORM AT the annual athletic banquet and I'm going to go and do that.
This is going to be weird, and maybe a little emotional, for me. I've lived elsewhere much longer than I lived there, but it's my hometown and being born and raised there is a pretty big part of who I am and how I think about things. Secondly, I haven't been home in a very long time. Third (and this might be the biggest, weirdest thing), I will be performing! I posted in a Facebook forum for comedians and asked for advice, and these are the replies I got...
  • Tony Gaud (my mentor): "Make sure everyone knows you're a big deal. #dochollywood"
  • Todd Stimmell: "Nothing to worry about Clark, I'm sure they will welcome you back to Bedrock with open arms. Mr Slate might even let you do a corporate gig while you are there."
  • Anthony R. Mack Jr.: "Talk to your family first and let them know you are coming to perform.. and get them talking to the town for you. And let them know you are a big deal. They will be the best word of mouth advertising you will have. Also arrive one day early so you can go out with your family in your town and let them introduce you around town to their new and old friends when you get there. That will reinforce your name in your town for a great show."
So I should go back to a place where pretty much anyone who knew me when I lived there decades ago is dead (ie: my family) and present myself as a big deal with the hope that my prehistoric cartoon boss will get me some stage time. Awesome. Thanks, guys. 

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