Friday, January 29, 2016

How I'm spending my birthday this year

Yep, my birthday is coming up. Next Saturday as a matter of fact. And how am I spending my special day? I'm soooo glad you asked! I'm doing two things...

THING #1: Storm Cheerleader tryouts

"Are you auditioning to be a cheerleader, Clark?" Ha ha! No. You jackass. No, I'm going to be a judge, assisting in selecting the squad for the Tampa Bay Storm, our local Arena Football League team! I did this last year and that looked a lot like this...

I'm not qualified to judge dancing and tumbling and such but I'm awesome when it comes to interview questions. I sure hope the young ladies are up on theology and military history because those are two areas I plan to hit hard. I also have some suggestions for a halftime show with a Battle of Antietam theme, so there's a natural tie-in. I think Storm fans will really enjoy that.

From there, it's off to...

THING #2: Hosting "Humor to Help", a fundraiser to benefit RELAY FOR LIFE
Sorry, you can't join me for Thing #1, but you can totally come out for Thing #2, which is a comedy show with Spanky Brown and Johnny Beehner to raise money to benefit the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. It's only $10 and there's an opportunity to win tickets to see Katt Williams at the Sun Dome later that same night! Laugh, fight cancer, laugh some more and help me celebrate my birthday? That's a pretty sweet dea, if I say so myself! And who else would I be saying it for? Exactly.

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