Sunday, February 24, 2008

Another expression of true love

Here we have another public testament to true devotion:
A simple statement "Alichia -N- Kevin", etched in stone. Ok, it's a concrete sidewalk but concrete is just like stone, only man-made. Someone...Kevin? Alichia? A mutual friend?...happened upon this spot while the cement was still wet and recognized the opportunity to make a statement to the world, linking their two names together forever. Personally, I'd like to think that kevin and Alichia did it together. Perhaps they shared a sly smile and looked around to make sure nobody was looking before they committed their petty act of vandalism, a crime so charming that the mason who poured the cement pardoned it himself by pretending not to notice as they walked away holding hands and silently humming the same song of young love in their heads and in their hearts.

But wait!
Upon closer examination, what do we find?
Oh dear! "Alichia -N- Kevin ARE Idiots". What we initially saw as a couple's declaration of the enduring union of their two souls has been revealed to be commentary on the intellectual shortcomings of two individuals. Someone...Kevin's mischievous litte sister? Alicihia's scorned former lover? Some random smartass with a stick?...came across this spot within moments of Kevin and/or Alichia and desecrated their monument of love for the sake of a cheap laugh, one that will be there for the foreseeable future. Personally, I'd like to think the underpaid day laborer who would just like to be able to take a friggin' smoke break without some assholes messing up his work did it. Perhaps he rationalized that sure, he could have very easily taken his trowel and smoothed it all over again but maybe fighting fire with fire would finally teach these punks with their goddamn hip-hop music a lesson, one that would actually be better taught with a foot in their ass.
Happy Valentines Month, everybody!

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