Monday, February 25, 2008


Karma (or is it Kharma?) has a way of biting you in the ass, and I don't mean in an enjoyable manner.
For example, last week I called in sick to work on Monday. I was fine, I just woke up when the alarm went off, didn't feel like working, thought about how nice it would be not to get out of bed and just...didn't. After a quick call to the boss's voice mail sounding pathetically horrible (which is easy to do if it's the first thing you do when you first wake up), i went back to sleep. Later I ate a real breakfast. I had lunch, did some laundry in an empty laundry room and watched re-runs of "Strangers With Candy". In short, it was great. So great, I did the same thing again on Tuesday (minus the laundry), effectively giving myself a four day weekend. And of course the best thing about long weekends is the resulting short weeks.
I'm pretty sure you can already see how this is going to end.
Bottom line: I got sick for real on Wednesday and have been congested and groggy and sneezing and coughing and farting (note: not everything is necessarily a byproduct of this particular illness) since.
Sometimes Kharma (or is it Karma?) kinda sucks.


Wildhair said...

This is the very reason I can't call in sick unless I'm really, terribly, dreadfully incapable of showering, dressing, make-up, hair .. driving, etc... Fear of Karma kickin' my butt.

citizen jane said...

Karma. She's indeed a bitch. I've done what you did before, so I can empathize.

And for what it's worth, I've been toting around a terrible cold myself for the past week, making me sound like a cross between Sheneneh from Martin and Elaine Stritch. Must be something going around

Anonymous said...

Dear favorite nephew,
Didn't you learn anything from Mom and me while growing up?!?!It's not karma at all. It's
"if you play, you pay".
So sayeth your favorite aunt.

Why, it's Clark! said...

But Auntie, that's entirely unfair in that it's in direct opposition to my desire to have everything go my way with no negative reprecussions.

Anonymous said...

Dear favorite nephew,

I will reply with your Mom's FAVORITE saying:

Who ever promised YOU a rose garden ?!?!

Your favorite aunt