Sunday, June 01, 2008

Babbette would like to be added as one of my friends!

Yeah, I bet she would...

Folks, one of these girls (it really doesn't matter which one) is Babbette and she just sent me an email via MySpace requesting to be added to my list of MySpace friends. This picture of her and a friend (it really doesn't matter who's who) in their skimpies is what's posted on her MySpace page. I get between 10 and 20 requests like this from girls just like Babbette here (whichever one she is) every week and I always turn them down. But I've been thinking, maybe I shouldn't do that. I mean, I don't know very much about Babbette, other than from what I can see in the picture that her shirt doesn't fit very well. What kind of superficial jerk would I be to reject someone's plea for friendship just because of something like that? We've all had laundry mishaps! I examined her online profile and listed among her interests is "HAVING FUN!". Well heck, I like fun! I also looked at pictures of her other MySpace friends and they're all girls kind of like her, dressed very casually (very very casually) and lounging about in bed. They have names like "Extreme Ass", "Candy Lips" "Berry Wild" and "Spicy Girl". Maybe Babbette is tired of lazy friends named after food items with low self esteem and is looking to expand her horizons. You know, that's probably why she sought me out.

"Gee, I sure wish I could find just one friend who's into music and midgets, afraid of giraffes and old enough to be my dad. Oh look, here's one! I'll ask to be his friend {BEEP} I sure hope he says yes! {BOOP} Oh dear, he said no! (sob, whimper)"

That's kind of heartbreaking, isn't it? Now I feel terrible. I think I should accept Babbette's request to be my Friend. This is an opportunity for me to demonstrate how thoughtful, sensitive and empathetic an individual I really am. Yes, I am sure this is the thing to do. After all, being a truly conscientous member of the human race means being committed to the well-being and benefit of those in need.
Man, I sure hope she's the brunette. Ga ga ga gooie!

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Anonymous said...

You so crazy... yeah, I left MySpace because of all that crap. My only real purpose for MySpace was to keep tabs on my teenage daughters who live out of state. But I can log in with my wife's account for that. I prefer Facebook. It's like MySpace for grown ups.