Saturday, June 21, 2008

Looking for some help here

(NOTE: This is my second serious post in a row. Fear not. I promise my very next one will be about the least serious subject in the universe.)

I know the last thing this country needs is yet another special interest group. It seems like every day there's another fresh batch of hyphenated subsets showing up at our doorsteps, whining "but where's miiiiine?".
That said, as far as I can tell there are virtually no resources available for the ex-significant others of those dealing with domestic violence. A certain well known (in Tampa), established victims assistance organization basically refuses to offer any help whatsoever to a person who's only interest and involvement in the situation is not seeing their ex, you know, die. I'm not mentioning it by name because I don't want to disparage an organization that does good work otherwise, but come on.
So if anybody knows of any resources that cater to this particular niche, let me know please.


Mariella said...

It sounds pretty complicated. You might try talking to the good folks at the Mary & Martha House in Ruskin.

Mariella said...

P.S. - here’s a list of links to organizations in Hillsborough county that help with domestic violence.

Why, it's Clark! said...

Thank you, Mariella. That is very helpful!