Monday, November 03, 2008

The endorsement

I am a registered independent. This means I get to vote for anybody I want. By declaring myself unaffiliated with any established political parties, I don't have to vote for any of their candidates if I don't want to. I realize this freedom applies to all registered voters, regardless of their affiliation. But still; I'm an independent.

Friends point out to me that this means I'm ineligible to vote in primary elections. This saddens me about as much as being informed I'm ineligible to watch preseason football games. I hold out until the games really count for something. And since tomorrow is the Superbowl, World Series and Olympics (winter and summer) of elections, it's time this blog joined most of the other major media outlets and made an official endorsement...

The Ridiculously inconsistent trickle of consciousness hereby endorses Barack Obama for president of the United State of America.

Isn't that right, A short conversation?

"I don't know. Is it?"

"Yes. It is"

"Okay then."

How about you, Gratuitous pluggery?

Check this out, ladies! Gratuitous enough for you? Click the pic for even more awesomeness!

What say you, True life?

Yes, we're looking forward to the Barack Obama presidency. Almost as much as we're looking forward to not getting any more pre-recorded phone calls from senators, governors, congressmen and their assorted family members. But not quite as much as we're looking forward to people dialing down their level of fanatical zealotry that's been boiling over on both sides since this campaign began. Good god, folks.

Fantastic! And Short fiction?

From the top of Mt. Rushmore, Barack Obama surveyed the battle raging below. Hostile forces of a truly demonic nature were advancing, threatening to overrun the American defenses and destroy The Greatest Country On Earth. "It is time", he said. "Time to summon my secret army". As he raised the mystical amulet above his head, rays of sunlight caught the crystal within and emitted a supersonic beacon which could only be heard by all of the owls in teh whole world. "Caw! Caw!", said the owls, who also speak crow, so as to throw off the hordes of wily giraffes who had test the mettle of the new president.

Great! Let's hear from Show biz...

I'll bet if a small town community theatre company did a play about Barack Obama, they would enthusiastically recommend that I audition just so they could eventually cast me as "Nonspeaking walk-on #2".

Lastly, how about Rant n' Roll?

Look, normally I'm not someone who believes that simple answers are appropriate responses to complex problems. But I know that personally, my overall quality of life has declined steeply during the last eight years and I honestly don't know anybody who can say otherwise. Change is not just an option, it's an imperative. McCain is a product of the party that has been in charge while everything has slid rapidly into the crapper. If the Republican party were a lawn service, you'd at least wait to see if anything could grow again in the earth they salted before you'd call them back to trim your hedges. I have no doubt McCain is a decent man who means well, but in spite of all rhetoric, he's done nothing to demonstrate that he would do anything differently than the current outgoing administration. And if the entirely knee jerk, reactionary appointment of his running mate is any indication of decision making under fire, well...

Meanwhile, Obama, who could have sat back and ran on the strength of just not being a Republican, instead has demonstrated confidence, initiative and creativity by proposing actual plans for change that make sense and sound like they could work.

So there you go.

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