Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Nets gain

It's not often I have anything good...or at all, for that matter...to say about the New Jersey Nets (insert your own New Jersey joke here) or the NBA in general, but the Nets have come up with a fantastic promotion. One that should be copied by every franchise in every league.
They're offering 1500 free tickets (300 each for five games) to unemployed fans. But it's more than giving away tickets to the jobless. To get the tickets, you have to enroll in the Nets Employment Program, which consists of signing up at their website and submitting a resume. The team is then passing those resumes on to prospective employers, including their corporate sponsors.
Absolutely brilliant! Like the best promotions, it's a simple idea that provides multiple benefits: Butts in seats, exposure and good will for sponsors and unlike the usual autograph signings/photo ops, it's a true example of a team being actively involved in the community at a time when it's really needed.

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