Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sudden Valley

I saw a comment posted to a blog post (not mine) yesterday about Tampa Bay Lightning owner Oren Koules that still makes me laugh a day later. I wish I could remember where it was because I'd post a link. But it said something to the effect of:
"Michael Bluth needs to go back to running the banana stand."
That is brilliant for a couple of reasons. One, the resemblance is pretty spot-on. Two, it's a reference to "Arrested Development", the greatest sitcom to ever be snuffed out in its prime which automatically makes it funny and hip. By extension, references to The Banana Stand in any context will never not be hilarious. Where it stops being funny is the fact that Michael Bluth is a fictional character portrayed by Jason Bateman on a TV show that the entire universe agrees was cancelled much too soon. Oren Koules is real and it looks like we're stuck with him running the three-ring frat house that used to be a Stanley Cup winning NHL franchise known as the Lightning. Unless he follows the sage advice of this internet commenter, known but to god. After all, there's always money in The Banana Stand.

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