Saturday, November 22, 2008

Shoosh Tampa!

On the excessively long list of things I will never, ever understand is where some people here in Tampa get...and store...their winter clothing.
The temperature has been in the low 50s for the better part of the last week (mostly at night), which is what we here consider cold. We get about, I don't know, 20 or so days like that a year. When that happens, there are people living here who suddenly bust out ensembles that make them look like they spend their time in rough-hewn timber lodges with high ceilings, sipping hot buttered rum. Designer sweaters, Gore-Tex mesh stretch parkas with matching gloves, knee-high boots with or without big fluffy collars around the top, and all kinds of winter hats.
Meanwhile, I'm going "hey, I thought owned a sweatshirt", as I root through drawer after drawer of shorts and tee shirts.
It's not everybody in town. Often, the scent of mothballs fills the air when it gets chilly as people dig out the coat they've worn twice since they moved down from Cleveland. But for others, it's like Opening Night at the Aspen Social Club. We're talking about what looks like $600 worth of clothing for less than a month of weather that would inspire our neighbors to the north to break out their barbecue grills. Who are these people and do they have storage facilities for their seasonal wardrobes? Or do they have some kind of widget installed on their computers that has a standing order from the Gorusch catalog FedExed to them as soon as the temperature dips below 60?

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The Mayor said...

oh please sister i have that outfit in magenta! :)