Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Party like a rock star! is the only headline I can come up with

You can totally see how he was able to pull this off. Take one look at that picture and you immediately peg him as the drummer in a rock band. Either that or maybe the guy who rents out buckets of balls down at the driving range.

(From Tampa Bay's 10 ) "Clearwater Police have charged Eric Hook, 48, with grand theft auto after detectives say Hook stole and crashed a 2002 Corvette (Monday) night, all while posing as the drummer for the rock band, 'Foreigner.'
According to the police report, Hook used the name, 'Cory James,' and the rock performer's persona, to befriend New Port Richey resident Norma Rutledge.
Rutledge, 47, allegedly met Hook at the Tampa Marriott and the two eventually ended up together at the Clearwater Beach Hilton.
Hook was then able to con the valet at the Hilton to provide him access to Rutledge's 2002 Chevy Corvette, without her knowledge or consent.
He ended up crashing the car in the area of Gulf to Bay Boulevard and McMullen Booth Road, and fled the crash scene on foot."


Denis A. Baldwin said...

If this guy wants to know what love is, and he wants her to show him.. I'd say it's grand theft auto. ;)

Why, it's Clark! said...

I think he's about to have some new friends in orange jumpsuits show him what love is.

Gail said...

He looks very sad.

Why, it's Clark! said...

He is. He is.