Tuesday, February 24, 2009

You know what's funny? Other people's problems

These delightfully uplifting stories and hundreds, maybe thousands more (many of which are not safe for work) are available at http://www.fmylife.com/. Thanks to The 23-Year-Old for finding this!

"Today, I saw a elderly man fall in a crosswalk, so I jumped off my bike to help. As I helped him across, the light turned green. At that point I noticed my phone had fallen out of my pocket in the street and was run over by several cars. I then watched across a 6 lane street as someone stole my bike. FML"

"Today, in class my friend played a joke on me by pulling my seat from under me while i was about to sit. I fell and everybody laughed at me. During the next class i did the same thing to him, he broke his arm. He was the star of the basketball team, nobody laughed. FML"

"Today, I went to Macy's to go shopping, I was wearing a shirt and tie and dressed nicely. Customers came to for questions, but I just ignored them. Minutes later, thinking I was an employee, the manager came and yelled at me, and threatened to fire me. FML"

"Today, a child sitting next to me on the bus pointed at me and asked: "Mommy, when it's not a man and it's not a woman, what is it then?" FML"

"Today, my professor, who was born without arms, asked somebody "need a hand?" There are over 300 students in that class and I was the only one laughing. FML"

"Today, I let my friend cut my hair and after a few minutes, she looked at what she had done and then she ran out of the room, crying. FML"

"Today, my grandmother called. She greeted me by my mother's name. When I told her it was not my mother, she apologized and corrected herself, but this time she addressed me as my sister. When I told her it was not my sister either, she said "Sorry, wrong number" and hung up. FML"

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Gadzooks64 said...

I had a friend that posted a link to this awesome website that told stories about really bad things that happened to people.

I got so addicted to this site that I forget to feed my kids and they died. Woooooooot!

You were waiting for FML, weren't ya! =P Damn you for giving me yet one more way to waste my time. Bastard.