Thursday, February 26, 2009

A short conversation about wishes

"As my dearest, closest friend, would you help me grant my last wish?"

"Of course I would."

"Okay, do you own scuba equipment and how many Asian girls can you round up in the next fifteen minutes?"

"Um, you aren't dying."

"Well, no. It's not my dying wish, it's just my last wish. Geez, morbid much?"

"So by 'last wish', you just mean this is the last thing that happened to pass though that brain of yours."

"Exactly. So chop-chop, let's get a move-on. In twenty minutes, the moment is liable to have passed and my last wish might be for a large pepperoni pizza."

"Perfect. I'll see you in twenty minutes."


JPFDeuce said...

Note to self: remember this conversation and apply it at the appropriate time.

Ruprecht said...

Damn. That was funny .....

............... Rupe