Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Howard Beale and his half of a great idea

As seen on Soul Pancake:

Brilliant speech, although sadly topical more than 3o years later. Problem is, we seem to have missed, or chosen to ignore, the part where he says "Then we'll figure out what to do". See, as profound as this speech is, it was supposed to be step one, a means to an end, not a solution in itself. In spite of everything, I remain (somewhat) hopeful that we'll figure that out eventually.

Mad As Hell! Kinetic Typography from Aaron Leming on Vimeo.

I'm posting this on the day of a scheduled memorial service for a former co-worker, Tom Johannesen, who was the victim of an utterly senseless murder (I know, it's not like there's any other kind, but geez), a service I unfortunately can not attend due to a scheduling conflict, but my thoughts are with his friends and family.

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