Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Speaking of award winners...

Where would you go to find The Pastry of the Year? Ladurée in Paris? Citizen Cake in San Francisco? The French Culinary Institute in...New York City? Not if you have a brain in that over sized Pez dispenser you call a head. No, you're going to want to pop .95 into your nearest coin op vending machine, push C6 and get yourself a Big Texas Cinnamon Roll (unless of course, C6 is Funnyons or some lame cheese danish or something else that isn't the Big Texas Cinnamon Roll). The gold seal printed right on the cellophane package tells you so. That award is presented by the fine folks at Automatic Merchandiser, which is a magazine that covers the vending industry and not an '80s cover band, and it is the highest honor you can achieve if you're a practitioner of the items purchased almost exclusively with coins and dispensed via an automated rotating coil culinary arts.
Now, you may be wondering whether or not the Big Texas is, you know, any good. Maybe because normally you're not a big fan of food that comes wrapped in cellophane, except in this case that thin wrapping is the only thing covering food that lands with a thud in a big communal metal bin that is constantly being probed by all manner of greasy, grubby little fingers seeking salty, sticky snacks, in which case, hurray for cellophane! I hear ya. That's not an invalid concern. So let's pop that wrapper off and take a look...


Mmm, looks pretty good to me. You can clearly see thick spiraled ribbons of cinnamon covered with a nice, thorough drizzle of icing. I think if you had a microwave and one of those individual servings of Country Crock spread, maybe a cup of coffee, you've got yourself a mighty fine breakfast here!

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