Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hot Dogs!!

"Our Patty loves to rock and roll,
A hot dog makes her lose control --"
--The Patty Duke Show

Heaven knows Patty isn't alone. I've written about the appeal that hot dogs hold before so I'm not going to cover that ground again. Although I remain amazed that the nutritional equivalent of unfiltered cigarettes, which we all know are made by taking the floor sweepings of a slaughterhouse and packing it like one would a snowball into the shape of a phallus, is not only legal in America but downright beloved.
Of course, it's entirely possible that price is a factor:
Eight jumbo dogs for .79? That's at least four meals worth of hot dogs for less than a dollar. Hard to pass up a deal like that. Of course, when the main ingredient of a sandwich costs less than the bread it's served on, that should raise a flag or two, shouldn't it?
Yep. We've been warned. And we don't care.

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