Friday, September 18, 2009

The Sunny also rises

My favorite show "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" kicked off its 5th season last night. If you're not famaliar with it, it's a sitcom that follows the misadventures of five of the most self-centered, greedy, immature, dishonest, ignorant and just completely immoral characters ever found on television.
I LOVE it!
I've been hooked ever since it came on and I look forward to its return every year the way I used to look forward to Christmas when I was a child. It seems to get a little more popular each year and this year there was actually a watch party at a local bar (which is perfect, because much of the action on the show takes place in the bar that the characters own), the Karma Bar & Cafe (the fact that it's called Karma is also perfect because the characters on the show always pay for their bad behavior).
I had to work until 10, which is what time the show starts, but the bar was only a couple of blocks from where I work. The 23-Year-Old and her sister The 21-Year-Old got there early and saved seats. There was a trivia contest with a grand prize of a $25 bar tab. If I had been there, I'd have won it. Instead, I had The 23-Year-Old texting me under the table for the answers:
"Who joined the cast in the 2nd season?"
Are you kidding me? "Danny DeVito"
"What was Sweet Dee's nickname in high school?"
Good gawd, how does she not know that?!? "The Aluminum Monster"
"Is it McBoyle or McFoil?"
Auuugh!! "McPoyle! P! Poyle! McPoyle!!"
I tried calling her on the phone, convinced she was butchering it. I fully expected her to text "What's the name of the city where the show take place?". She didn't pick up and texted back "Stop trying to call. You're going to get me disqualified." A few minutes later she texted, "I WON" and then "If you get here in time, you can have a beer on my tab." Uh, excuse me? Your tab? The tab you had no chance in hell of winning without my input? That tab? Yeah, I think I'll be having as many beers as I want on my tab, thank you very much.
Anyway, I only missed about 5 minutes of the show (which I will watch as soon as I'm done typing this) and the fact that we cheated to win a bar tab at a place named Karma made it a perfect "It's Always Sunny..." evening.

The 23-Year-Old displays the ill-gotten loot, with editorial comment from The 21-Year-Old.

The crowd at Karma, using a commercial break to deconstruct all the intricate relationships between Frank, Sweet Dee, Charlie, Mac and Dennis.

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