Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I wonder if this is Randy White's new enterprise?

I found myself behind this vehicle yesterday:

At first glance, I thought I was behind a real estate agent with major delusions of grandeur ("Hi, Rich Jesus. Nice to meet you. My Father builds 'em, I sell 'em.") but then I read the tagline: "Christianity is not a call to poverty". I agree with that. While I don't like seeing televangelists living like rock stars, I don't think it's necessary for people who proclaim to follow the tenets of Christianity to sleep on a straw mat and eat out of a clay bowl either. I think it's okay to do nice things and have nice things.
So I went to the web site to check it out and I found a bizarre video that asks if it's okay for sleazy fictional characters Tony Montana, Gordon Gekko and Paris Hilton* to seek wealth, then why shouldn't Christians? The video is set to some cheesy song about pushing it to the limit that might have come from the training montage of some Karate Kid rip-off in the '80s. There was also a form to fill out to get more info, but I passed on that, figuring that only a truly special breed of idiot would say to themselves, "Hmm, even though none of those people are real*, they lived great lives and their stories all had happy endings. Why not me?" and I don't want to give my name, email address and phone number to anybody who would think that about me.

* = Don't even try to tell me Paris Hilton is a real person.

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Jessie said...

I personally find this unconscionable.