Wednesday, January 13, 2010

America, I have your next superstar!

It's American Idol season again, a topic that has been covered here before and which I don't care to open for discussion again...ever.
But if you don't watch the show or you're just too impatient to wait and see who wins, take a minute to introduce yourself to the greatest entertainment sensation you've never heard of: MANNY!
Manny is a co-worker of mine and he is a veratile all-around showman. Manny sings (not in this video), does impressions (not in this video) and dances (in this video!). He also has a gift for spontaneously generating hilarious one-liners, some of which are featured in this video.
Enjoy this video of manny performing his brand new dance "The Manny" which all the cool kids at your local nightclub will be doing soon!

Also available on YouTube

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Jessie said...

That was...inspirational. Gotta say, as much as Manny really did it for me, the song rocked even more. I look forward to your future collaborations.