Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Did you think I'd forgotten?

I bet you did, didn't you? You probably thought I got all distracted by the hoopla and hullabaloo surrounding the success of the Drag Queen Bingo event back in January and completely forgot about my effort to raise $1500.00 in the fight against cancer and get a muffin named after me at Tre Amici @ The Bunker in Ybor City in the process. Maybe you thought that things were going so well with the overall effort of Team Daddy-O Alley Katz (currently in first place with $4214.02 in the bank) that I felt like it was okay to take my foot off the gas and coast a little bit. It's okay, I don't blame you. I have a well-deserved reputation for having a bad memory and being lazy. Your only mistake is underestimating my borderline-psychotic need for attention and my intense hatred for cancer. These two obsessions combined easily trump my forgetfulness and sloth. That's why starting today, I'm ramping up the muffin campaign. From zero to obnoxious, right here, right now.

Here's where the campaign stands...
So far, I've received donations totalling $220.00. That means I need another $1280.00 in the 38 days between now and Relay (April 15) to hit the $1500.00 mark, or about $33.69 a day.
Maybe I should have done this a week ago.
No matter. We press on.

Here's where you come in...
Donate! Please! A little, a lot, whatever you can spare. It all adds up and that's what matters. It's tax deductible and you will get to see your name scrolling on my Relay page in a fashion not unlike the end credits of a major Hollywood motion picture!

Here's where you come back in...
Now, I recognize many of you have already donated, for which I am intensely appreciative. I don't expect you to give again (of course, if you want to, far be it from me to discourage you). But what would be a tremendous help is if you spread the word among your friends/followers/readers/congregations/co-workers/cellmates, what have you.

Here's how you can do that...
Visit in Ybor City and tell them you want to make a donation
Forward the original muffin post and/or this one and/or my Relay page to your email buddies
Write a post on your blog about it: "Check out what this idiot in Florida is doing".
Or good ol' fashioned word of mouth.
While you're at it, go ahead and give yourself credit for helping. You deserve it!
Have you ever gone viral? Don't you want to? All the cool kids are doing it. Here's your chance!

I don't expect you to do all the work...
I will be doing my part, believe me. I've got some ideas that extend beyond bombardment via this blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
You'll see.

What's in it for you...
The satisfaction you'll feel from doing your part to fight cancer is self-evident and obvious. But beyond that, every dollar that you donate will be an entry into a drawing to win a gift basket of the delicious muffins themselves once we win and the muffin is created by the muffinoligists at Tre Amici.

How about that? An actual prize!

But wait, there's more!
For every donation recived of $33.69 or more, I will devote an entire blog post to you, your business or whatever cause you choose. Ever wanted to see me praise the Black Eyed Peas, American Idol or some other abomination that you think is awesome? Here's your solid gold-plated $33.69 chance!

So thanks in advance and let's get this done!

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