Monday, October 26, 2015

I hear things

I don't actively eavesdrop on people because that's rude but sometimes, for a variety of reasons, you can't help but hear other people's conversations.
This past Friday night, I was killing time at a coffee place and two older gentlemen were sitting near me. They had brown skin and spoke with an accent but I don't know where they're from. India, maybe? Honestly, I just don't know. As they were talking, I heard one of the men say what sounded to me like "velociraptor tarantula." This struck me as funny, even though it's probably at least a little bit racist on my part to take something from someone else's native language and translate it in my own head into a phrase that I find amusing, based on a slight resemblance to words I know in English.
Then I realized they WERE speaking English and that the man had in fact said "velociraptor tarantula". Now I feel good about not being a racist but I wish I had paid better attention to their conversation because I'm a little terrified.
It doesn't matter; we would lose.

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