Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Whom to hate THIS week (part 4): She Just Doesn't Get It edition

It's happened again, just as it will continue to happen for now and ever more...

  1. Someone does something mean/stupid/thoughtless
  2. Somebody on the internet finds out
  3. The entire internet reacts by focusing their scorn directly on that person...
  4. ...until somebody else comes along.
This week, it's Erika Escalante who did this...
Get it? She picked cotton. And with whom do we associate picking cotton? Exactly. 

As is standard practice every single time this happens, she got hammered on social media, she lost her job (actually an internship) and she apologized.
So far, so good. Of course, the hammering continued, because of course it did. Unfortunately, Erika hasn't handled that very well...
Uh-oh! This is dangerously close to the "I can't be racist because I too am a victim of racism" defense! Pull up, Erika! Pull up!


You lost me, Erika. I hung in as long as I could. But the "they do it, why can't I?" defense didn't work when you were five. Why do people think it should work as adults?

All right. We'll disregard the obvious typos. She's probably upset. But without the benefit of a degree in mathematics, I'm still pretty sure "donkey" isn't a number. If it is, I guess it equals 150. Still, it can be effectively argued that donkey years wasn't really that long ago. And it's not exactly fair for you to make a joke about something that happened donkey years ago and then tell people to "move on" if it bothers them because it happened donkey years ago. Also yeah, the crucifixion of Jesus, which happened about 13 donkey years ago, is still a pretty sensitive issue to Christians, since it's pretty much the focal point of the entire religion itself.
HINT: That's not 'T' for 'Texas'.

I guess the lesson we've learned this time is that if you ever find yourself on the wrong end of one of these deals, especially if you are actually wrong, your best bet might just be to shut up and take your lumps. Because if you're stupid enough to get yourself into trouble in the first place, you're probably not un-stupid enough to dig yourself out of it.

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Jeff Hickmott said...

The term she was trying to use is "donkey's years ago" based on the old old old Old Wives' Tale that one never sees a dead donkey.

"Whatever 'appened to old Fred, eh? I haven't seen him in donkey's years."

But that's by the by. She's pretty much a twonk for doing this and letting it spiral out of control like it did.