Friday, February 26, 2016

How to visit South Tampa!

Maybe you've heard of the trendy restaurants.

Maybe you want to see the pretty people.

Maybe nobody was around to talk you out of it.

Either way, you've decided to
Oh boy.

STEP 1: Okay, let's start by picking a restaurant...

This one looks good! The "FK stands for "Fresh Kitchen" and not an abbreviation for what you can do to yourself. That comes later. In the meantime, let's see...
Looks like there are about nine parking places. Three are for people picking up "to go" orders only, two are accessible for people with mobility issues and the ones on the south side are all for "compact cars only". In other words, we can't actually park at the restaurant itself. That's pretty standard for South Tampa!

STEP 2: Drive around and look for a place to park that's still within the zip code of the restaurant we picked.

STEP 3: Again.

STEP 4: Again.

STEP 5: Again.

STEP 6: Again.

STEP 7: Again.

STEP 8: Again.

STEP 9: Briefly consider parking in one of the lots nearby, where there appears to be plenty of parking available.

STEP 10: Remember this happens all the time as discussed here previously.

STEP 11: Say "fuck it", give up and go to Wendy's.

Thank you for visiting South Tampa!

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