Wednesday, February 24, 2016

My pals are a bunch of jerks

One of the most surprising things I've learned since I started doing stand-up comedy is how generally supportive comics are of each other. I expected it to be much more cutthroat than it is. That element does exist, because it is a competitive pursuit. Also, there is a very small handful of shitty, insecure, small individuals who need to be kept at arm's length because they can't be trusted. But they're the exception and for the most part, it's a really nice little community of people who are happy to support each other... even if they have a funny way of showing it sometimes.

Last night I helped fellow comic (and my original comedy mentor) Tony Gaud with his event, "Pizza and Pineapples", a live comedy show held at the Dubliner that was recorded for the purpose of making a documentary film out of it. My job was to work the front door. It was a free show but there was also a VIP list. So my responsibility was to greet people when they arrived and see if they were on the list.
"Did you reserve your seats in advance? Because if you did, you can just go right in. You didn't? Oh, okay. Well, then you can just go right in." - me

The event went well and Tony got some feedback from other comics this morning on Facebook:
"Great show to Tony Gaud, Sloan, Goldie, Chris Matson, and Rafiq Shaheen. Thanks for having Julie and I at the show Tony. We had a great time. And for the record, that was the ugliest ticket girl working the door I've ever seen..." - Todd Stimmell

 "She's got a great personality though.." - Mike Morris

"Thanks Todd. She had a nice ass though." - Tony Gaud

"Tony knows what's up." - Mike Morris

What a bunch of dicks.
Man, I love those guys.

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