Friday, May 08, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

In keeping with a longstanding American tradition of children giving their moms nothing of actual value for a gift on Mothers day, I am turning this space over to me own dear mum. Ladies and gentlemen, the first guest blogger in the history of this site and also the first woman to ever give birth to me, my mom...

Hi, my name is Carol Brooks and I have the privilege of being Clark's mom. I live in Mishawaka, IN and ship military HUMVEES all over the world for a living. Clark has given me a chance to take over his blog for Mothers Day. Just my chance to get even with him and tell you a few tales about his growing up.
He has a younger sister, Connie. When they were little he had her convinced that she was adopted. He had her so convinced that I had to take her to our library and show her the old local newspaper with the announcement of the birth of a baby girl to Mr & Mrs Brooks on her birthday. He also has a cousin, Mary Beth, whom the family calls "MB". Of course he wasn't happy with that name so he changed MB to "monkey breath". Where did I go wrong?
When he was in grade school I got a call from the teacher about the joke he was telling his classmates: What word starts with F and ends with UCK? His answer: firetruck. What could I say, he was right.
And yes, he really does have an aunt, Joan, and she used to drive a minivan. She knows how Clark feels about minivan drivers so just last week she got rid of hers and now drives a Saturn.
Over the years it has really been an experience raising Clark. I'm not sure the job is done yet. In the middle of winter he loves to call me and complain about how warm it is in Florida! But in the long run he really was a good kid and a heck of a lot of fun with one of the greatest senses of humor of anyone I know. I am proud to be his mom.

And I'm proud to be your sonny boy, mom. Happy Mothers Day. I love you.

PS: I remain unconvinced that Connie is not adopted.


Anonymous said...

Excellent! I look forward to meeting your mother. Renee

Anonymous said...

Carol, your stories are perfect! You can see where Clark gets his gift of writing and sense of humor. Nice job! I think you should be a guest blogger more often for Clark... at least each Mother's Day. Tampa would love to learn more humorous back stories about our special boy.

The Mayor said...

I vote Clark's Mom writes a book of crazy Clark stories!!!

Kelly said...

I want more Clark stories, too!! Carol - Nice job!! Can you please guest blog more often???