Monday, June 28, 2010

A deep discussion

This isn't one of my usual Short Conversations, because this one actually happened exactly as I'm presenting it here. I had the "privilege" of listening to two great philosophical minds, people I don't personally know, debate this topic and now I'm going to share it with you so your IQ can shrink a few points too. Enjoy and you're welcome.

"Man it's hot out. Thank God for shade!"
"You can't thank God for shade. God didn't create shade."
"Of course He did. God created all things. Even shade."
"God created things that make shade. Shade is a side effect."
"You don't think God created trees with the knowledge that they would provide shade? You don't think He took that into account?"
"Trees aren't the only thing that make shade. Tall buildings. Fences. They make shade too. God didn't create any tall buildings."
"He created man and gave him the ability to create the tall buildings that create shade, so yes He most certainly did."
"You're giving God too much credit."
"You're not giving him enough credit."
"You think when God created trees, living things that produce oxygen and fruit he cared about whether people sat under them to cool off? Why would you think God would care about that?"
"He created them so that birds could live in them, so yes, definitely."
"Birds can't live in all kinds of trees though."
"Name one."
"Cactus are not tress, plus, yes, roadrunners live in them, so yes. All trees provide homes to birds just like all tress provide shade to hot, weary travelers like the kind who visited Bethlehem."
"Not fir trees. Like Christmas trees."
"Are you talking about birds or shade?"
"Both. You can't get shade from a fir tree because all the wide branches are at the bottom. And if there's birds living in them, you can't even see them."
"Where do you think the fur comes from?"
"... what?"
"Animals. Okay, maybe not birds but animals of some kind definitely live in there."
"What kind of animals?"
"So many kinds! Why do you think they're called fur trees?"
"Well, I don't know why..."
"That's also why we have trees like that at Christmas. It's God's way to remind us of the animals and Bethlehem and to be thankful."
"Well, then why do we chop them down?"
"We can. It's okay because God is always making more trees."


Marissa said...

Please tell me you overheard this at one of two places:
1. A Daycare
2. A Hemp convention

Marissa said...

PS. I love when you post :)

Why, it's Clark! said...

Aw, thanks Miss Riss!