Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Not again

Less than a year after officer Mike Roberts was shot and killed in the line of duty, we've lost two more Tampa Police officers. Jeffrey Kocab and David Curtis, both 31, were shot and killed while making a traffic stop early this morning at 50th Street and 23rd Avenue. The two suspects, one male one female, were not apprehended. The male shooting suspect, a passenger in the car, was identified as Dontae Rashawn Morris, 24, an ex-convict with a lengthy arrest record and no known address. The driver was identified as Cortnee Nicole Brantley, 22, no known address.

Here are pictures...

As of right this minute, Brantley is in custody. Morris is still on the loose.

First and foremost, if you're in the Tampa area, be careful and watch out for Morris. As is often cited, anybody who is willing to kill a cop won't hesitate to hurt anyone. There is a $5000 reward for information leading to arrest. 1-800-873-TIPS (8477), or report anonymously online at www.crimestopperstb.com

Secondly, donations on behalf of the fallen officers can be made at any Tampa Bay Federal Credit Union location. Both men were married. Curtis was father to four young children and Kocab's wife is nine months pregnant with their first child and some media reports state that she has gone into labor today.

Tampa Police officers killed since 1895:

Officer John "Jack" McCormick, Sept. 26, 1895

Capt. Samuel J. Carter, June 2, 1905

Marshal Joseph Walker, Sept. 15, 1915

Officer James Ronco, May 27, 1916

Patrolman Juan Nales, July 18, 1920

Officer Henry R. Lett, Sept. 24, 1922

Det. Thomas M. Chevis, April 7, 1938

Officer Bryan A. Reese, Aug. 29, 1935

Det. Joe Nance, Oct. 1, 1939

Vice Chief Arthur L. Berry, Jan. 31, 1941

Det. Lester H. Henley, April 11, 1941

Officer Richard S. Booth, Nov. 28, 1943

Officer Morris D. Lopez, July 9, 1949

Officer Carl F. Chastain, Feb. 12, 1958

Officer Rolla L. Standau, Nov. 29, 1963

Officer William D. Krikava, Jan. 1, 1965

Cpl. John R. Collier, Dec. 5, 1970

Det. Kenneth D. Berlin Jr., Sept. 27, 1975

Sergeant Richard Lee Cloud, Oct. 23, 1975

Officer Anthony W. Williams, Nov. 3, 1975

Det. Gerald A. Rauft, July 24, 1981

Sgt. Gary S. Pricher, Nov. 4, 1983

Officer Porfirio Soto Jr., Dec. 30, 1988

Officer Norris Epps Jr., Jan. 18, 1995

Det. Randy Bell, May 19, 1998

Det. Ricky Childers, May 19, 1998

Master police officer Lois Marrero, July 6, 2001

Det. Juan Serrano, Feb. 25, 2006

Cpl. Michael Roberts, Aug. 19, 2009

Officer Jeffrey Kocab, Jul. 29, 2010

Officer David Curtis, Jul. 29, 2010

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