Thursday, April 05, 2007

Bat wings

Last night, we had dinner at the Proud Lion Pub (I wish they had a web site. I'd have posted a link) where we tried one of their signature menu items: Bat Wings. I don't know if they're called Bat Wings because they're darker than a regular chicken wing or if they're actually made from the wings of small flying mammals that feed on insects or fruit juices, unlike chicken wings which are made from cattle. I think it's probably because of the dark color (mass quantities of bats are probably hard to catch and are not available from most food service suppliers). I don't know the exact recipe, but apparently these wings are fried, then coated with some kind of topping or light batter (HA!) and then fried again. That's right, a restaurant here in Tampa serves double fried chicken wing. Say it with me now: "Praise be! There is a God!!"

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