Monday, April 09, 2007

Live to ride, ride to crash

The girls and I celebrated Easter this evening with dinner at Rick's On The River. Rick's has, easily, without question, the most culturally, racially, whatever you want, diverse clientele of any dining/drinking establishment in Tampa Bay. Young, old, white, blacks, hispanics of all persuasions, bikers, boaters, bankers. If you're looking for some or all of those people, Rick's is the only place you'll find them.
Another group that enjoys Rick's? Assholes!
Tonight during dinner, we were treated to the sight of some...well, asshole riding his obviously very expensive motorcycle through the crowded patio dining area. He took a left turn between two tables to ride down the steps you see in this picture. He hesitated at the top of the steps, as though he was contemplating whether or not this was a good idea. But come on, this is an asshole we're talking about here! Assholes don't do contemplation so you know he'd already made up his mind that this was the greatest idea ever. He gave it a little gas and the front tire went off the top step. However, the angle of the steps is about 45 degrees, which was steep enough for the cycle to bottom out with the rear wire still on the ground and the front wheel hovering. What to do, what to do? Well, if you're an asshole, you already know the answer; give 'er more gas!! HELL'S YEAH!, which he did. This got him down the stairs where he then turned the cycle over on it's side just before smashing into some parked cars that were right about where the person who took this picture must have been standing. It was like "Jackass" as dinner theatre! The wannabe biker (I call him a wannabe because I don't think actual bikers treat their obviously very expensive motorcycles like that. Plus, actual bikers who witnessed this were laughing at -not with- him). After some extended negotiation, his wife or girlfriend (no doubt he refers to her as his 'bitch'...when she isn't around) got him to give up the keys and ride home with her in their obviously very expensive Cadillac Escalade, leaving the obviously very expensive motorcycle behind. I was disappointed, hoping he'd try it again (you know he wanted to), this time launching the cycle at full speed off the top step, missing the cars and plowing full speed into the river. It would have been the best Easter ever.

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