Thursday, April 26, 2007

Me Against The Mighty Beast

When I first saw it come into view, most of it's hulking body was still beneath the surface of the oily water. It sat there, unblinking and unseeing, it's proximity daring, mocking me. I readied the metal trident in my hand and hoisted it to the attack position. I picked out what I thought to be the most vulnerable spot and thrust the trident downward with great force, my shoulder straining as I did so. Not with a sense of anger, but a sense of purpose the shiny steel tines found their mark and pierced the tight, blistered skin of my adversary. So true was my aim that there was no resistance, no attempt to escape. Victory, this day, was mine uncontested. So I put it on a bun with some brown mustard and chopped onions. Man, I love hot dogs!

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