Thursday, June 28, 2007

Some hypothetical questions about karma

Yeah, I was just wondering, um, hypothetically, if something bad happens to someone who you think sorta had it coming, even if you didn't actually wish that upon them, but you still feel kinda, I don't know, not happy per se, but maybe...validated?...will that generate bad karma? How about just making the observation that this hypothetical bad thing happening is itself an example of bad karma? Is that inviting bad karma? Or should someone maybe just not acknowledge karma at all and let these things work themselves out in the hope that karma doesn't notice you smirking in the corner and come over and kick your ass, hypothetically speaking? Because if bad karma happens to people who ask for it, then turning around and asking it for yourself in response isn't very smart, is it? On the other hand, if the karmic wheel spins as surely if you nudge it as it does when you shove it hard, I'm thinking I might as well grab it (hypothetically) with both hands and give it a big ol' Price Is Right Showcase Showdown twirl and at least get the fleeting satisfaction of pointing and laughing before paying for it with some hideous misfortune of my own. Because I'd really enjoy that since this particular hypothetical asshole I know definitely had it coming. Unless, you know, that's not a good idea, in which case I'll just say "Peace, Love, One with the universe", whistle a happy tune and walk away, minding my own business.

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