Thursday, June 07, 2007

Why is this here?

The picture featured here is a bus stop I noticed today. It's on westbound Hillsborough Avenue near Benjamin Road. I have a feeling this might be the worst bus stop in Hillsborough County. For starters, well, look at it. There's no shelter or shade whatsoever and the bench itself is sitting at a crazy, cockeyed angle in a weed-choked culvert. This ergonomic nightmare would pose a triple threat of severe sunburn, excruciating backache and snake bites if not for the fact that it's position right at the end of Tampa International's busiest runway (the one that planes approach from the north) guarantees that anybody sitting there for more than five minutes will be sucked into a jet engine like a star-crossed Canadian goose. If you're wondering why you never hear about this happening is probably because no human being has ever actually used this bus stop. The only things remotely close by are the Pin Chasers Bowling Alley about 200 yards to the east and the Beaumont Business Center about half a mile to the west, both of which have bus stops in front of them. I'm sure the company who bought advertising on the bench is thrilled by the exposure this gets them. Of course, I guess they don't have to worry about anybody ever sitting on their ad and obscuring it.
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