Monday, March 09, 2009

It was the best of times...or not

If you're the kind of great, big idiot who specializes in saying and/or doing incredibly stupid things to the extent that those incredibly stupid things overshadow anything else you accomplish professionally, and you make your living as a major league professional athlete, I guess last Thursday was a great day for you. It really, really was! Unless, you know, it wasn't. In which case, it really, really wasn't.


The Mayor said...


Ruprecht said...

Ain't professional sports grand?

And right now, Rupe digs Manny. Period.

(This is not a guarantee. In no way shape or form does this submission wave any right by the submitter to change his mind, throttle passersby or admit he was love-struck. No animals were hurt in the above submission.)

............... Ruprecht