Sunday, March 29, 2009

This week's Clarketplace item

Here is this week's item:
A couple of shaving can caps - $10 (Tampa)

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Here are a couple of caps from now-all-used-up cans of shaving cream. One is menthol (green) the other is regular flavor (red). These would be ideal if you and/or your child are making a display presentation about traffic lights for safety class and wanted to add a 3D kick to it! All you have to do is go out and find a yellow one (I don't even know what kind of shaving cream that would be...lemon or banana, I guess...or even if they make that kind). Could mean the difference between a B+ and an A-, which could mean the difference between USF and Princeton later in life. You never know! Or you could use them for the purpose that God intended in the first place: to safely cover the exposed tops of shaving cream cans from something heavy falling on them inadvertently from above, squirting shaving cream all over the place and creating a hazard in your bathroom, which is where most household accidents take place (except maybe the kitchen). In case you lost yours or already used them for a safety class project. Cash, checks, money orders all ok. FREE DELIVERY!

LAST WEEK'S ITEM: Amazing baseball card!
No responses. I guess too many investors went belly up in the great baseball card market crash that time their moms cleaned out the garage.


Wildhair said...

I have a lavender cap I could throw in as a bonus. Sorry, no yellow. I even have a pearlized pink with ridges. Oooooh.

Gail said...

Hilarious post Clark, Thanks!

Denis A. Baldwin said...

I'd get another green one and some yellow spray paint and make a set. Someone on ebay will buy this!

Ruprecht said...
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Ruprecht said...

Rupe, being a manufacturer's representative for many lines of heavy duty truck parts (one of them being spray paint), can supply all colors of the spectrum for your dining and dancing pleasure.

School Bus Yellow anyone?

Rupe's paint can toppers are bigger, brighter and better than Clark's, folks. Whereas Rupe does not charge for the toppers he supplies, he does ask for a modest, non-profit shipping fee. Your method of shipping at your request.

Place your orders now. School projects are soon coming to a close for the academic year.

............ Ruprecht is betterer. Period.

Why, it's Clark! said...

Rupe is undercutting me on my own web site! Unbelievable!

(Well played. Kudos to you, sir)