Tuesday, March 24, 2009

You gotta read the fine print

Say there, fella. Excuse me. You local? I'm from out of town, myself. What can you tell me about this place? Why, sure I see the sign. What's the big idea? You some kind of wise guy? Of course I can read. But it's still a little vague, that's all. I'm not sure I'm savvy. What goes on inside this establishment? Why do people come here? What does everyone do in there? What can I expect to find when I go inside? Come on pal. Help a fella out, will ya?

Hey, that sounds swell. Thanks a million, chum!


Ruprecht said...

Looks a bit cannibalistic to me.

I'd question some of locals as well. Better safe than on the menu, Rupe always says .....

Denis A. Baldwin said...

That's like all of those guys who to go "TATTOO" to get a tattoo. Seems a bit to ambiguous to me.