Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Lion is getting ready to roar once again!

Few things I've posted here have generated as much controversy and vitriol as this post I wrote bemoaning the unfortunate and unnecessary demise of the Proud Lion Pub. I myself was accused of being a "petefile", a charge to which I plead...well, I don't really know. I'm not really fluent in Duh (I know enough to get around but that's about it)*.

Guess what, folks? The Proud Lion is back! Well, it will be. Under the leadership of none other than Johnny G Lyon and with the assistance of previous previous owners Steve and Dave, the Proud Lion will reopen just as soon as some housekeeping issues have been taken care of.
It's hard to think of a person better suited for this task than Johnny G Lyon. His JGLB has been Tampa Bay's semi-official house party band, synonomous with good times, for over 20 years. The Proud Lion has been around for over 30. Hell, the guy's name is Lyon fer Pete(file)'s sake!
If that isn't a sign, I don't known what is.

* Go ahead and post your opinion, pro, con or whatever. There are very few circumstances where I will censor any comments so feel free to let it fly, if you think that's what you want to do. Just remember the immortal words of that great philosopher, Mr. Blonde, "You kids shouldn't play so rough. Somebody's gonna start cryin'."


Patrick Harpe said...

Great news. The Proud Lion Pub is a legendary North Tampa restaurant and pub. If anyone can resurrect The Proud Lion back to the status it enjoyed during it's glory days then Johnny G. Lyon is the person that can accomplish that task.

He featured some of the best pub food in Tampa when he owned The Yellow Rose. I am sure that within a relatively short amount of time Mr. Lyon will rebuild the Proud Lion Pub into the quality establishment that happy customers will want to frequent.

Dave said...

I think they must have meant petephile - which means someone who loves Pete, as opposed to a petephobe, someone who fears Pete.

Why, it's Clark! said...

Patrick: Were you there last night?

Dave: Guilty as charged then, I guess. I fear no Pete.