Friday, October 16, 2009

Fight + video = news!

A rock 'em, sock 'em good time in the chambers of the St. Petersburg City Council yesterday, where the council voted 5-3 to take a poop on the constitution and allow for the vacating of the north sidewalk in front of BayWalk, thereby kicking the public off of public property and effectively banning organized protest demonstrations that have taken place frequently at the troubled retail shopping complex:

That's alleged adults Ronald Deaton and Frederick Dudley (brother of Councilman Rick Dudley) gettin' it on in the spirit of political discourse. Sadly, this outburst of hot, sweaty old dude-on-old dude action leaves two important questions unanswered:

1) Indeed, why doesn't Ronald Deaton leave?
2) Indeed, why doesn't Frederick Dudley eat shit?
Stay tuned, we may yet find out. Or not.

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