Friday, October 23, 2009


A Northwest Airlines flight from San Diego, California to Minneapolis, Minnesota overshot it's destination by about 150 miles because the pilots were distracted.
Okay, okay. First; Considering how fast those planes fly, 150 miles is not that far. It's not necessary to freak out.
Secondly; No, let's go ahead and freak the hell out.
The words "distracted" and "pilots" are words you want to keep as far apart as possible. They claim they were having a "heated discussion over airline policy". Unless that discussion was about the very best and safest way to land a commercial aircraft in Minneapolis, that does not comfort me very much. Although, I guess it's better than being too sleepy to tell the difference between Minneapolis and Eau Claire, Wisconsin, which is something the Federal Aviation Administration is going to investigate. Either way, I'd like to reiterate my earlier point which is GYAHHHHH!!!

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