Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tracking Ellen M

I met Ellen Mueller about a year ago and worked with her as an actor in a component of her performance piece "Complete With Illustrated Manual" this past February. I had responded to an ad she posted on line looking for actors. She told me she would like me to play a man who does impressions of bears for a living and who would be espousing the therapeutic virtues of time travel in an infomercial. This was enough to make me a fan of Ellen's before we even did the work.
I'm very pleased to be working with her again on "The 1st Annual Black & White Sustainability Mixer & Recognition Ceremony" which will take place this Friday at the University of South Florida's Marshall Center this Friday, October 16th at 8:30PM.
You can read about her work and see some examples at her web site and her blog. You can also read her answers to some interview questions right here.

ME (as always, since it's my blog, I get to be in bold and italics): Please tell me a little about your background
HER: I was raised in Fargo, ND and currently live and work in Tampa, FL. My work includes performance, directing, drawing, installation, and video. I received a BA in Theatre and Art, and a BS in Design Technology from Bemidji State University, and am currently pursuing my MFA in Studio Art at the University of South Florida. I have also obtained training at Dell'Arte International and the Brave New Institute. Recent projects include Old School at UPPERCASE Gallery in Alberta, Canada, and Complete with Illustrated Manual, at the William and Nancy Oliver Gallery, Tampa, Florida.
ME: You work with a variety of media. Is there an underlying thread of some sort that connects your art?
HER: Yes, the most recent underlying thread in my work focuses on resisting change, and grasping for control. These two very human qualities can connect with a broad audience, which is often a goal of my work.

ME: What kinds of things draw your interests and stimulate your creativity?
HER: I love going to live performances - theatre, dance, art, music, etc. I just went to the Ringling International Arts Festival yesterday and saw several performances, and one in particular, by the
Elevator Repair Service, was just fantastic. Great use of space, props, sound effects, and timing - what a treat!

ME: Have you ever covered an island in Saran wrap?
HER: No.

ME: Among other things, you're a performance artist. What is performance art?
HER: The performance art community would laugh me right out of town if I tried to answer this one!

ME: I know you used to live in Minneapolis. What's Prince like?
HER: I have never met him, but my sister once saw him in a grocery store and remarked that he is indeed short.

ME: What are you working on right now? What's next?
HER: Right now I'm putting together the last pieces of my latest project, "The 1st Annual Black & White Sustainability Mixer & Recognition Ceremony," which takes place Friday, October 16th at 8:30 pm at the USF Marshall Center, room 2708. It's a free event, complete with door prizes, refreshments, and a sizable trophy. You won't want to miss out on this fun evening!
Then, in mid-November I'll be putting up a live fashion show of attire designed by reinterpreting the results of an online survey measuring USF students' opinions on fanaticism and sustainability. All the clothes - shirts, shorts, totes, underwear, accessories, etc - will be available via online print-on-demand (an earth friendly option). Both the Sustainability Mixer and the fashion show are products of a USF Graduate Student Challenge Grant I am working on with a team of four additional USF graduate students.

The 1st Annual Black & White Sustainability Mixer & Recognition Ceremony will take place October 16, 2009 at 8:30pm at the University of South Florida Marshall Student Center, room 2708. Black and white attire is encouraged, but not required. There is no cost to attend this event. Free refreshments will be provided, and door prizes will be dispensed. This event is funded in part by a USF Graduate Student Challenge Grant.The purpose of this event is to get members of the Tampa Bay community talking about sustainability with each other, and to recognize exemplary achievements by sustainability-minded people. By recognizing our awareness in each other, we will cultivate stronger support for sustainability in ourselves and others.For more information, please email Ellen at emmuelle@mail.usf.edu
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