Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Why not?

There is a lot of talk about the possibility that the San Diego Padres are seriously considering the prospect of naming Kim Ng their general manager, which would make her the first female in Major League Baseball, or any major league sport for that matter, to hold that position. So much so that at this point, if they don't hire her, they're going to have some explaining to do and that probably won't be pleasant. Of course, if it does happen, it will be a historic moment and will be deservedly celebrated as such...but it's yet another one of those things that makes me wonder if we're as highly evolved as we think we are. Because think about it. What a GM does is oversees the day-to-day baseball operation of the franchise. That means:
  • Lead a scouting department that finds and evaluates talent.
  • Negotiate contracts with players, coaches, managers and scouts.
  • Work with the major league manager to build a competitive team.

There's more and there are nuances, but that's basically it. If a GM can do those three things well, they will be highly successful. What among those three things can anyone who hasn't been frozen in a block of ice since the mid '60s even attempt to argue that a woman couldn't do?

Anyway, if Kim Ng gets the job, I'll certainly raise a glass in her honor among friends who will be thrilled. But part of me will be wondering why it took so long.


Renee said...

Well said. Nice post!

Why, it's Clark! said...

Thanks, Renee.