Thursday, October 15, 2009

Look! And ask yourself why

There is too much stuff to look at. Signs are everywhere, screaming at us to buy things or telling us where to stop and turn. There are cars surrounding us in all directions, doing 40 mph or more. There are visually interesting people doing strange things. As a result, we take things in but we simply don't have the time or mental storage space to fully process them. That means there are things like this out there......and we don't even think about it.
Of course we see it. It's on an extremely busy stretch of the busiest road in the county. Of course we think it's weird. It is weird. But by the time we get to the next stoplight, we've stopped thinking about it. Now I don't know what it says about us as a society that a giant Chia head with a full-on '80s Stoney Jackson Jheri mullet can exist among us in broad daylight and we don't even take the time to talk about how it makes us feel, but it can't be good.

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