Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'll admit it; I'm a food racist

Maybe "traditionalist" is more accurate, but using the word "racist" gets far more Google hits.
Anyway, I'm kind of particular when it comes to ethnic foods as far as who prepares and serves it. I have approximately 800 Cuban restaurants and bodegas within walking distance of my home. Therefor, I have no need to order what they call a Cuban sandwich from any restaurant not owned and predominately staffed by Cuban people. Same goes for the Asian people at the mall who offer me free samples of authentic Louisiana style bourbon chicken. No thank you. It might be the same ingredients prepared in exactly the same manner but I'll know that it's just not...right.
So I was considerably dismayed to learn during Game 1 of the World Series that Greg Creed, the president of Taco Bell, is British! By the way, yes, thanks to baseball, we all get a free taco on Tuesday, October 28th. Now I understand that Taco Bell is far from authentic Mexican cuisine. But still, since there are millions of Mexicans in this country at any given time, why did we have to go to the United Kingdom to find someone to run Taco Bell? That's just not...right.

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