Monday, October 27, 2008

The World Series, so far 4 2/3

After the suspension of game 5 (to be resumed tomorrow, hopefully)...

Why you should be happy if you're a Rays fan:

  • The score is tied!
  • Longoria and Pena are hitting!
  • Cole Hamels probably won't be on the mound when play resumes.
  • It ain't over ("It" now referring to game 5 as well as the series itself)...

Why you should be nervous if you're a Rays fan:

  • Don't worry about it. Once you're teetering at the brink, there's no pressure. Play ball!

Random observations:

  • What will be remembered after this series is over is that the umpiring has been mind-bogglingly bad. I'm not making excuses; the Rays are not in the position they're in because of umpires and the bad calls are pretty evenly distributed among both teams. It's just that the overall level of incompetency is embarrassing for baseball. They're averaging one huge screw-up per game. That's unacceptable during a championship.
  • On a related note, I can not believe they played as long as they did in those conditions tonight. Usually once the infield is so saturated that it begins to "shine", it's time to pull tarp. That was an absolute quagmire. I've played in rec softball leagues that wouldn't have played on that field.
  • Ok, 'Zooks (among others), the slump isn't completely busted but the tide has turned and things are looking up. So here's your treat:

If we win this game, whenever it's finished, I promise I'll give you something...juicier.
Good lord, I'm such a whore.

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The Mayor said...

I am proud to have gone on numerous dates with such a whore-bag.